Munchies Happen by Jocelyn Duke

Munchies Happen 2014, pen and marker on paper

Munchies Happen 2014, pen and marker on paper

I am so happy to announce that Marijuana Movie Night has a new chapter called Munchies Happen. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Marijuana Movie Night (a.k.a MMN or MMNight), let me catch you up to what's what.

Roughly 7 years ago, my partner in crime, Primo Duke, started the Marijuana Movie Night blog primarily to keep his writing chops sharp and feed his love for film, writing about the most recently released to the very forgotten. We also started hosting small events in our living room, eventfully moving to a friend's backyard for projector viewing. It was a good time, with lots of laughs and solid cinematic conversations. I personally am not a big movie buff, but these events were fun so I was down for that. The environment itself was open for weed smokers and not, so whoever wanted to hang could without exception, and enjoy the company & films.

As Marijuana Movie Night has developed over the years, it has also taken shape. Starting the blog on Blogger was a good beginning, but after a few conversation with potential investors, both Primo and I thought it would be best to upgrade the site platform to a more scalable one. So Marijuana Movie Night underwent a redesign and relaunched on 4/20 of this year. Since that time, it's been well received by many.

Fast forward to this Father's Day weekend...I'm welcoming Munchies Happen into the Marijuana Movie Night family. The inception of Munchies Happen came to Primo and I about 4 years ago. We wanted to cover at home dishes made from scratch, local Los Angeles eats, travel eats and guest writers from all over the globe. The pairing of weed & film is one idea, but adding food to the mix seemed very natural. We initially thought we would create a whole new website, but that quickly felt like we'd be spreading ourselves too thin. So we shelved the idea...

Now that Marijuana Movie Night has a new home at Squarespace, the addition of Munchies Happen makes sense. It's already a fun site to browse through and read posts, but you have more. You're welcome

By the way, all the photography on Munchies Happen will be by yours truly unless otherwise noted.

Polkadots by Jocelyn Duke

Polkadots, 2017. marker on paper. by Brigitte & Jocelyn Duke

Polkadots, 2017. marker on paper. by Brigitte & Jocelyn Duke

I'm not a huge Picasso fan. He just doesn't do it for me. However, I do respect his place in the art world and recreating a global conversation around perspective. Plus, who doesn't appreciate his famous quote, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once (they've grown) up."

To me, this quotes represents trust or the lack there of. If you remove stress from a child's life, you will find that the child has an unbound amount of trust in the present moment. There is no past and there is no future. The concept of time is abstract. The problem isn't remaining an artist. It's allowing the past memories not to interfere with the present.

Just letting go. This is perhaps the most difficult concept for many, including myself, to comprehend. Even the most self-proclaimed, enlightened individuals have a difficult time letting go of some hangups. And if you meet someone who claims zero worries, be wary. They are not being truthful.

My 3 year old daughter, Brigitte and I have collaborated on a few pieces together. Whenever we do, I am faced with a certain amount of resistance from myself while she is no holds barred. With every new project, I am confronted with a litany of control issues. I think about the mess, cleaning up the mess, the cost of my markers, don't draw on this, don't draw on that... And that's when I am reminded, I am not as relaxed and easy going as I'd like to daydream I am. 

These anxieties take me away from those pure creative moments. And at that moment, I recognize I am no longer with her, but off battling these emotions of anxiety. I cringe just thinking about my control issues now. But I do recognize that the now is the only thing that is real. It is the only thing that matters and in 5 minutes from now, everything will be ok. We will all be ok.

So I let go and let her create. And life becomes beautiful.

Wake Up (to Summer)!!! by Jocelyn Duke

wake up.jpg

It's Tuesday and now time to wake up from all the Memorial Day weekend festivities. All in all, it was a very relaxing weekend: huge car crash across the street from my house, awesome worldly events and champagne popsicles (I kid). But besides all the WTF moments outside of my family unit, I'm grateful to say life was enjoyable. I hope yours was too.

The Starting Line of Summer by Jocelyn Duke

Once again, the beginning of summer parties are about to gear up for many. I've always loved a good party - especially the colorful ones. Red cups, weed, and other party favors... you name it. But with every party fun there always comes a time when one needs or wants to go home. So on that note, please party responsibly...meaning use common sense and take an Uber or Lyft

Happy Memorial Day weekend. 
Now party on y'all!

A New Day by Jocelyn Duke

The rain has stopped, the clouds have drifted away,
and the weather is clear again.
If your heart is pure, then all things in your world are
Then the moon and the flowers will guide you along the


The New New by Jocelyn Duke

Sad Cats, image from The Sneezles. 2017

Sad Cats, image from The Sneezles. 2017

For the past, I can't remember how many years, I have been searching for a new website because nothing was working for me. My first site, 10 years ago, I had hired someone to make something "amazing." It was ok, but in the end got soooooo frustrating because I had no control over the updating or changing the look of the site. I could only add content to a blog built on WordPress, which was great at the time, but ultimately became a thorn in my side. The site was so sloppy and I began to think of as my own personal "junk hole." So I closed it out and went to Cargo. Boo.

At first, it was great because it was new and shiny so I liked it. However, this partnership became another headache and overly time consuming. My knowledge of coding was slim to none and I just wanted a working site. I had high hopes though. I taught myself how to do whatever coding I could to get the result I was aiming for, but it was never right. So I let that site go and it reverted to "junk hole #2."

Now I am on Squarespace and I am in love with the new new. I have great hopes and expectations that this new platform will be able to grow & adapt to my vision.

My vision, you ask? Good question. I plan to continue to showcase my art, past, present & future pieces, announce any news, update blog posts and news articles that maybe work related. What's new is that I have a proper online shop for those who are interested in purchasing my art or other goods on there. I also offer my creative services for those who need help and guidance for their interior spaces. 

I am bringing my two worlds together that I have jumped between for the past 10 years. I am very excited about this! I truly feel this is a place that I will be able to promote my whole self to the art world, market place and you.

xo - jocelyn