The New New / by Jocelyn Duke

Sad Cats , image from  The Sneezles . 2017

Sad Cats, image from The Sneezles. 2017

For the past, I can't remember how many years, I have been searching for a new website because nothing was working for me. My first site, 10 years ago, I had hired someone to make something "amazing." It was ok, but in the end got soooooo frustrating because I had no control over the updating or changing the look of the site. I could only add content to a blog built on WordPress, which was great at the time, but ultimately became a thorn in my side. The site was so sloppy and I began to think of as my own personal "junk hole." So I closed it out and went to Cargo. Boo.

At first, it was great because it was new and shiny so I liked it. However, this partnership became another headache and overly time consuming. My knowledge of coding was slim to none and I just wanted a working site. I had high hopes though. I taught myself how to do whatever coding I could to get the result I was aiming for, but it was never right. So I let that site go and it reverted to "junk hole #2."

Now I am on Squarespace and I am in love with the new new. I have great hopes and expectations that this new platform will be able to grow & adapt to my vision.

My vision, you ask? Good question. I plan to continue to showcase my art, past, present & future pieces, announce any news, update blog posts and news articles that maybe work related. What's new is that I have a proper online shop for those who are interested in purchasing my art or other goods on there. I also offer my creative services for those who need help and guidance for their interior spaces. 

I am bringing my two worlds together that I have jumped between for the past 10 years. I am very excited about this! I truly feel this is a place that I will be able to promote my whole self to the art world, market place and you.

xo - jocelyn