Munchies Happen / by Jocelyn Duke

Munchies Happen  2014, pen and marker on paper

Munchies Happen 2014, pen and marker on paper

I am so happy to announce that Marijuana Movie Night has a new chapter called Munchies Happen. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Marijuana Movie Night (a.k.a MMN or MMNight), let me catch you up to what's what.

Roughly 7 years ago, my partner in crime, Primo Duke, started the Marijuana Movie Night blog primarily to keep his writing chops sharp and feed his love for film, writing about the most recently released to the very forgotten. We also started hosting small events in our living room, eventfully moving to a friend's backyard for projector viewing. It was a good time, with lots of laughs and solid cinematic conversations. I personally am not a big movie buff, but these events were fun so I was down for that. The environment itself was open for weed smokers and not, so whoever wanted to hang could without exception, and enjoy the company & films.

As Marijuana Movie Night has developed over the years, it has also taken shape. Starting the blog on Blogger was a good beginning, but after a few conversation with potential investors, both Primo and I thought it would be best to upgrade the site platform to a more scalable one. So Marijuana Movie Night underwent a redesign and relaunched on 4/20 of this year. Since that time, it's been well received by many.

Fast forward to this Father's Day weekend...I'm welcoming Munchies Happen into the Marijuana Movie Night family. The inception of Munchies Happen came to Primo and I about 4 years ago. We wanted to cover at home dishes made from scratch, local Los Angeles eats, travel eats and guest writers from all over the globe. The pairing of weed & film is one idea, but adding food to the mix seemed very natural. We initially thought we would create a whole new website, but that quickly felt like we'd be spreading ourselves too thin. So we shelved the idea...

Now that Marijuana Movie Night has a new home at Squarespace, the addition of Munchies Happen makes sense. It's already a fun site to browse through and read posts, but you have more. You're welcome

By the way, all the photography on Munchies Happen will be by yours truly unless otherwise noted.