Kaleidoscope / by Jocelyn Duke


Today, Brigitte and I picked up a kaleidoscope at some small shop in Seal Beach. At first, the kaleidoscope brought me back to a well loved childhood moment, but my singular memory was pushed aside by a variety of other inspired thoughts flooding my mind. My dot paintings are about science, math, spirituality, religious stained glass windows, illusion, the spirituality of science and the science of spirituality. I am not a scientist or mathematician, but I am drawn to the world of theoretical science and math. I geek out when reading about topics like dark matter, multiverses, quantum physics, shit going super nova, and the known unknown beyond our planet & ourselves.

The yogis say that even if you get 5 seconds of a quiet mind while mediating you've experienced utopia. They also believe that within those moments of still mind, you know and are connected to everything. I am on that quest. Not to be the smartest person in the room, but be connected to everything in the known & unknown universe. 

I am beginning a series of kaleidoscope photographs shot on my phone's camera. I plan for these photos to take over my instagram feed with some new paintings peppered in from time to time. I hope you will enjoy embarking on this adventure with me. #jdkaleidoscopeproject