Let's work together to build a color pallet which looks amazing and can transform your space. My color consultancy service does all customized work which together we decide on.

Before anything happens, I will visit or talk with you in order to understand your project. 

Once I have an understanding of your decorating plans, favored colors and ideas, space, light and architecture of the space, we can establish a game plan and timeline. 

After that discussion, I'll send you a written consultation for what we talked about, along with suggestions for any other changes, recommended color schemes, finishes, accents, lighting, etc.

All spaces are different. As are ideas of style & decor. I want to work in making your house a home. Whatever impression or feeling you wish to impart on a wall, a floor, a room or all the above can be accomplished. 

This is a mystery we will solve together to being the personality of the space to the surface. 

TIME & MONEY                                                                              

  • Color Consultatation - $75 per hour.
  • Home Visit Consultation - $75 per hour
  • Remote Consultation - $75 per hour
  • Physical Labor - $75 per hour
  • Murals - rates vary per job

- The minimum appointment time per consultation is one hour (additional time may be booked and is charged in 30 minute increments)
- Advice can be provided for approximately four rooms per hour, depending on the complexity and scale of the rooms to be specified.
- Travel charges may apply depending on distance